How to Get Temporary Tags for My Used Car

temporary tags

When you buy a used vehicle, you’ll need to have the registration for said vehicle put in your name in order to legally drive it in the Avon, Indianapolis, or Plainfield areas. This process will include putting a license plate on the purchased vehicle, which may be possible if you’ve completed the process of trading in a vehicle for the one you recently purchased.

However, if you don’t have a plate to transfer or if the stickers are out of date on your plates, you’ll need to apply for temporary tags. These temporary tags will allow you to legally leave the lot driving your new car, but you’ll have to complete the process through the dealership before doing so. At Andy Mohr Toyota, a member of our sales team will help you every step of the way.

Temporary Tags FAQs

  • What Information Do I Need to Provide?
    • Aside from the information about the make and model of your vehicle, you’ll need the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and your proof of insurance. Although you may not have covered the vehicle you’re purchasing just yet, the person completing the application will need to see that you’ve not had a lapse in coverage and that your policy for your previous vehicle is still in effect. You will also need your driver’s license.
  • Where Do I Get Temporary Tags?
    • We can help you get your temporary tags here at the dealership as part of our service as an authorized agent.
  • How Long Are Temporary Tags Good For?
    • Your set of temporary tags may be displayed on your car for up to 45 days until they are rendered invalid. You should receive your permanent license plates and the proper stickers with your registration information.
  • What If I Want to Transfer My Current Tags?
    • If your purchased vehicle is in the same class of vehicle (for instance, car or truck) you should easily be able to transfer your vehicle tags from your old car to your new one. However, if your registration is out of date or the required stickers are missing you will have to renew your registration prior to driving.
  • Can I Pick A Special Plate?
    • If you’d like one of many customizable or special organization license plates that the state of Indiana has available, it would be in your best interest to visit the Indiana BMV where someone will walk you through obtaining one of these plates before your temporary tags expire.

Your Used Car Dealer

When you’re ready to purchase a reliable, efficient, and trusted pre-owned vehicle, come see us at Andy Mohr Toyota. Not only do we proudly service the Avon, Plainfield, and Indianapolis areas, but a member of our sales team will assist you in obtaining temporary tags for your vehicle. We’ve worked hard to maintain a relationship with our customers built on trust, respect, and helpfulness, so we’re more than happy to help walk you through the process of making your next vehicle street legal. So, visit our used car dealership today in Avon!