Toyota Camry Dashboard Lights

Toyota Camry Dashboard Lights

Your Toyota Camry is equipped with a wide array of dashboard lights. These lights are your vehicle’s way of communicating with you. They can alert you if there is a serious mechanical malfunction, and they’ll also appear when certain features are in use.

Here at Andy Mohr Toyota, we want you to be safe and well-informed while you drive. Understanding the lights on your dashboard is a big part of that. If you’re driving around the Avon, Indianapolis, or Plainfield areas and a strange light appears on your dash, reference our guide below.

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Toyota Camry Warning Lights

First, one important thing to take note of is the color of the light that appears. If the icon is yellow, it indicates that the item is important, but it doesn’t require immediate attention. A red icon, however, suggests a condition that needs immediate attention. If a red icon appears, it’s best to pull over and seek assistance.

  • ABS Warning LightABS Warning Light: This Toyota Camry dashboard light will appear as the three letters “ABS,” which stands for Anti-lock Braking System. If this light appears, it is to indicate a malfunction in either the Anti-lock Braking System or the Brake Assist System.
  • Brake System Warning Light: This light will illuminate when the parking brake is engaged. It appears as the word “BRAKE.” If the light turns off after the brake is fully released, the system is operating correctly.

This light may also illuminate while driving if the brake fluid level is low. If this occurs, pull over and seek assistance.

  • Electric Power Steering (EPS) Warning Light: This light looks like a steering wheel with an exclamation point alongside it. It indicates that there is a problem with the EPS system.
  • ICS OFF Indicator: This Toyota Camry indicator light looks like a car with a cone and a star behind it. If a buzzer sounds when this light comes on, it indicates that there is a malfunction in the Intelligent Clearance Sonar system.

If the buzzer doesn’t sound, however, it means that the system is temporarily unavailable. This could be caused when the sensor is blocked by dirt or ice.

  • Low Engine OilLow Fuel Level Warning Light: There’s an easy fix to this warning light. It means you’re low on fuel, so just head to the nearest gas station and fill up your tank. This light looks like a mini gas pump.
  • Rear Passenger Seatbelt Reminder Lights: This light looks like three seated passengers wearing seatbelts. They also all have the word “REAR” above their head. This light reminds the backseat passengers to fasten their seatbelts. It may also be accompanied by a buzzer.
  • Slip Indicator: This Camry dashboard light will flash if the vehicle is in danger of slipping or if any of the drive wheels spin. This light indicates that the VSC/TRAC systems are operating.
  • SRS Warning Light: This dashboard light indicates a malfunction in one or more of the following systems:
    • The SRS airbag system
    • The front passenger occupant classification system
    • The seatbelt pretensioner system

This light looks like a seated passenger in front of a big circle.

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring LightTire Pressure Warning Light: When this light appears, it’ll look like a horseshoe with tire treads on the bottom, and it’ll have an exclamation point in the middle of it. This light indicates that one or more of your tires is low on pressure. Bring your vehicle in for tire service if this occurs.

Learn More About Your Toyota Camry Dashboard Lights

If you’re cruising the streets of Avon, Indianapolis, and Plainfield and a dashboard light comes on that you’re unsure about, contact us. Our team of experienced technicians here at our Andy Mohr Toyota Service Center will be happy to answer any questions you have and get your vehicle the repairs or service it needs.